17.4 App does not use SQLite for sensitive data

Verify that secret keys, API tokens, or passwords are dynamically generated in mobile applications.

Levels: 2, 3


Storing sensitive information (i.e. PII, Passwords etc) local to the phone or device. Sensitive Data Could Include Username / Passwords Device IDs PII , SSN, Health Information Application Configuration Credit card numbers Why not? • Phones can be lost or stolen • Trivial to recover data if device is: • “jailbroken” • Rooted or • Not password protected • In other cases partial or full recovery of data may be still possible if there is physical access to the device Types of files where sensitive data may be present on Android apps Database files - SQL Lite files, *.db files SQL Lite Browser or Command line SQL Lite can be used to view them Regular ASCII files, log files and Binary Files Text Editors and Hex Editors can be used to view them